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Choosing the right casino can mean the difference between a good and bad experience. There is absolutely no reason to compromise with your demand and there is a very broad range of casinos to choose from. One of the most popular online casinos is Europa Casino. Read our review of the casino and learn about the pros and cons.

Getting Started

Casinos generally make it very easy to sign up and access their games. Online Europa Casino is no exception. When I accessed the site I was immediately offered to download Europa Casino software needed to start playing. Some might find it to be a bit aggressive but I like the fact that it first and foremost is easy and fast to get started. And if you want to browse the site before downloading the casino software, you can do so by saying no to the Europa Casino instant download.

I also enjoyed that I automatically was presented to the site in my own language. Just as a German, Spanish or most other European visitors will see the site in their language. When dealing with money I like when at least part of the site is in my native language so I fully understand what I am dealing with. On a more general note I also appreciate that Europa Casino has easy accessible information on compulsive gambling and offer some guidance to how parents can keep sites inaccessible for children.

Casino Europa Entrance

Signing Up

Just after signing up a live chat was initiated from online Europa Casino asking when I was ready to make my deposit. That too might feel a bit aggressive to some players, but I guess it is a matter of temper. Notice that the person chatting to you might have a bonus for new players or another offer worth to consider, so keep an eye out for a good deal. Anyway, you can just close the chat if it bothers you.

One minute after I signed up I was ready to play. Deposits can be made using most common payment methods like Visa or Master Card, bank transfers etc. and are credited to your account in a matter of seconds. The casino interface lets you navigate easily and the menus are simple and very user friendly.


Most players will not have trouble finding their favorite game in the vast arsenal of Europa Casino. More than 80 game titles are available and three of the most popular games are also offered in live mode. That means you are actually playing e.g. blackjack getting your card dealt by a real flesh and bone dealer. It really adds to the experience and you can observe and chat to the dealer like if you were in a regular casino but still enjoying the benefits of your domestic dress code and the comfort of your favorite barcalounger. I use this feature on occasions but I play online casino mainly because it is fast and some times the live play games seem to bore me and I turn back to the virtual tables.

Europa Casino Bonuses

Casino Europa Bonus

One of the main reasons for making an account at Europa Casino is the variety of bonuses offered. They offer 15% bonus for using credit cards, sign on-bonuses on 100% of your deposit up to €100, weekly and monthly bonuses and special bonuses for accessing via sites like online-europa-casino.com. Just remember to write EXPERT in the bonus-code field when you sign up to get 15€ for free. You just need to register your credit card to receive the bonus, no deposit nessesary.


In spite of Europa Casinos somewhat aggressive marketing I find the casino very recomendable. The software works and it is fast. The huge selection of games will satisfy most players and the live game option is a fun way to play popular games like blackjack. Live support is quick and accessable 24/7 and Europa Casino is therefore among the top online casinos.

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